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On the following pages you will find the Forza Bikes Classic Collection.
It is a collection of (mostly) 1980's and 1990's Bicycles.
Eventually, the collection will be on permanent display, and will also feature a workshop and cafe/Coffeestop.
While we also have bikes in the collection from outside the 80's and 90's, the majority are from this time period, which we chose as it was a time when frame materials, frame design and wheel size were fairly open, and a large array of different bikes were seen.
Please click on the links to find our bikes, and enjoy the descriptions and photos we have provided.
Also, please check back often, as the site is, like the bikes, a work in progress, and will be continually updated,.

We are also pleased to be the De Rosa distributor for New Zealand, a relationship that was started in 2007, and look forward to looking after our prospective/new customers in the same way we do for our existing customers.
Please choose the De Rosa button to see the range of available new bikes


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